We're Live!!

Own The Day

Own the Day (OTD) is an annual calendar NFT on the Solana network where you get the opportunity to own the whole day as long as you hold the NFT. There will be 366 NFT  (one for each day including leap year).

Once you own a day you will be a part of an elite group of NFT holder. We are developing a dAPP that will allow you to add information about your date to the OTD calendar and much more.

Our mint goes live on October 5nd 2021 at 8pm EST. Save the date now. Own the day!

Mint a Day

1 OTD = 1 Sol
Max Supply 366 OTD
100% Random


Our mint goes live on Friday October 5nd at 8pm EST. The dates will be randomly listed and there will be a total of 366 dates. 

We are already in talks with a couple of secondary NFT marketplaces and will coordinate our listing there once all of the date have been minted

We have a very innovate calendar dApp that will allow you to add content to your date in our annual calendar. We will be reveling more details about this dApp after launch.

By owning a day you will also be a part of our holder perks program. We have special NFTs that we will be airdropping only to holders.

In a way to bring value to our community we will also add a day rental option where you can make passive income on your dates. More new on this after launch.

OTD is an ever evolving project and we will be constantly working on bringing as much value as possible to our holders.